Decorative Flowers

We grow a wide variety of organic flowers, including wildflowers, native plants, and herbs.
We can provide flower arrangements for any occasion, in simple or ornate styles.
We work with individuals, groups, and businesses.


Flower Club

Available May to September every year.
Check back in March 2018 for more information.

Payment for your subscription is due the date of the first pickup. We accept cash, debit, or credit. Please sign up at least one week ahead of your first pickup.

Pick up:
In 2018, we will offer pickups at 3 locations in Winston-Salem. Check back for more information in March 2018, or email us.

TBA for 3 months (12 bouquets)
TBA for 1 month (4 bouquets)

Vase =7.5" tall
Flowers =14" tall

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We offer three standard sizes for arrangements, based on half-pint, pint, and quart mason jars. We are happy to customize arrangements, and work within your budget to exceed your expectations.

Whether you're gifting a bouquet, or looking for arrangements for your home or business, contact us to learn more!