About Sassafras Family Farm


About Us

Sassafras Family Farm is an organic family farm in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. We practice sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship.

Our all-organic production includes decorative and edible flowers, fresh produce, fresh and dried herbs, chicken and duck eggs, salves and soaps, and finishing salts.

We maintain a seasonal vegetable garden, an herb spiral, an orchard, a decorative flower field, a native plants garden, and an edible flower garden.

Current denizens of our farm include bees, ducks, chickens, goats, and rabbits.

Please contact us for availability, pricing, events, and other queries. Shop online at square.com/store/sassafrasnc.

“....Poetically, yet full of merit, man dwells on this earth.”
— Hölderlin


We draw from sustainability, biodynamics, and regenerative design in order to collaborate with nature. We compost, build our soil, practice slow agriculture, grow native and forgotten plants, maintain a larder, raise animals, and countless other activities that contribute to the health of the systems and cycles on a farm. We envision the farm as ecosystem, as ambit, as a dinner party, as meditation and medicine, as a place for a different way of life.

Our products speak for themselves, because they also speak for the environment in which they were raised -- happy and healthy.

We hope to reconnect people to the earth, to good food, and to supportive communities.